I love (escaping) planes

I didn’t get any rad pictures of the skyline out the windows on either of the airplanes I rode to get to Thessaloniki, which is a darn shame. Based on what I could see from the central seats on both flights, clouds sort of dominated the view.

I’m not too worried about it though. I’ve been on a plane before, and unless you’re in the process of landing or taking off, the view isn’t radically different. I was content with watching the movie “Arrival,” sleeping and listening to podcasts on the trip over (I didn’t end up reading much unfortunately).

I’m not the biggest fan of the whole experience of air travel actually. Being passed out for the whole process is preferable for me. Airports I dislike most of all, simply because they are places that I have to wait in, and they’re never at a comfortable temperature for what I’m wearing.

They do look cool though.

Some randos
Waiting (featuring Cody).
Alexa and Brandon being suspiciously happy.
Lufthansa airlines has a cool color scheme.
We found the bus!



Author: fargomusings

A St. Louisan (county, Kirkwood) currently studying Computer Science and Journalism at Northeastern University. Consumes stories. Tells stories.

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