I found a random Greek telenovella but I don’t speak Greek

Help me audience. I needed to decompress a little and watch some content, but I recently got up to date with American Gods (awesome show). I was searching online for some genuine content that a bored Greek might watch, but I found this instead.

The show seems to mostly consist of people being stressed at each other and talking very fast in Greek. It’s funny because every once in a while a random English phrase or word pops in. I think it’s a fish out of water “dramedy” but I could be way off.

Give the intro a whirl and tell me what you think. Honestly, I’m a fan. I’d recommend fast-forwarding to 15:50 or so as well as 20:20. Remember to comment but also tweet your thoughts and prayers to @nihilist_arbys. Give me a full plot transcript if you can. I only skimmed through it.

Update: Check in around 41:30 for some classic comedy.


Author: fargomusings

A St. Louisan (county, Kirkwood) currently studying Computer Science and Journalism at Northeastern University. Consumes stories. Tells stories.

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