Adventures in Abstract Art

Sometimes when you have access to a cool camera, mucking about with it for the express purpose of destabilizing the capitalist system is, well, necessary.

This is my favorite pic I got of protesters as they gathered in Kamara square. This was from a smaller demonstration limited to only extra-parliamentary groups. Antarsya is a small communist party that more closely resembles the Occupy movement than Soviet-style communism. Other groups (including anarchists) were present for these smaller protests as well.

Or maybe I’ve been hanging out with anarchists and communists too much lately. Lets just say that cameras are fun, especially when you set them to low shutter speed and swing them about. Here are some especially good shots in that vein.

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Author: fargomusings

A St. Louisan (county, Kirkwood) currently studying Computer Science and Journalism at Northeastern University. Consumes stories. Tells stories.

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