The last few days have been not so good; now is better

I’m not sure why exactly. I think it’s the impending feeling. One of my stories (on Turkey and Greece) is in the editing room (after being shut in the writing room for far too long) and one of the other two things I’m working on (the Athens and Epidaurus festival video) had a frustrating day of shooting. The third thing I’m working on I don’t even plan on pitching for this dialogue because I don’t think I’ll have the time to write it fully while I’m here, but I plan to write something about the music that I’m finding in Greece. It’s way too much for one blog post, so I think I’ll make a series of them aiming to walk the reader (and listener) through some of the cool stuff that I’ve found. I have a bit of video that I want to use for that, and as a very peripheral part of that whole shindig I will finish and submit the street musician video for this dialogue. I aim to interview some artists while in Athens as a bit of reporting to stick into the blog series. Or who knows, maybe I’ll have enough for a whole ‘nuther video. <Throws up hands in the air>

Rumored houseboy-owner Isaac Feldberg taking a phone call outside Hades’ waiting room.

Oh yeah, and I am working on a refugee video story starting the 7th with Hsiang Wu that I’m alternating between feeling comfortable with and totally unprepared for. I’ll know more about that whole project soon.

My mental image of what the story will be like. Also some BAOK graffiti. Honestly I’m a fan. I’m also an APHS fan. Not so much with Olympiacos.

All in all, there’s just too much stuff. There’s not enough time. And I took today (a Sunday) just to unwind a little.

I don’t like being somewhere awesome and staying inside a hotel. But today it was necessary. Saturday was spent on a ferry and a beach, and it felt like travel to me.

Pictured: Me hating travel.

I hate travel.

But I love being abroad.

Pictured: Me, in a constant state of figuring stuff out. A positive image.

So now that I’m here—there’s no more transition feeling as I’ve arrived mentally—I can be productive.

I’ve slept.

Now it’s time to get stuff done.

Let’s go.



please note the massive paragraph followed by extremely short sentences. I’m so artful I know. Look at me, writing pretty and all that. Self-congratulations are in order for that meaningful formatting.

<Pats self on the back>

<Looks intently at audience, waiting for the claps>

<Never gets the claps>

Header Photo: Spotted on a building in Athens I believe? Symbolizes my never-ending half-hearted quest to see a modern rendition of Repediko. Street musicians are the closest I’ve gotten. Still waiting on the full experience in a taverna.


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A St. Louisan (county, Kirkwood) currently studying Computer Science and Journalism at Northeastern University. Consumes stories. Tells stories.

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