My name is Bradley Fargo. Born and bred in the St. Louis area (that’s in the Midwest), I study computer science as well as journalism through Northeastern University. A sophomore currently, I am often identifiable by the messiness of my hair.

My interests range from playing rock music on the Tenor Saxophone to thinking about logic in programs – from Ultimate Frisbee to reading fantasy books. During my high school years I was an editor on the school news magazine, The Kirkwood Call, and I worked for The Webster-Kirkwood Times. More recently, I have written for The Huntington News as well as for my own personal blog.

I enjoy talking to people and writing as well as taking photos. I am adrift in my own plans for the future at the moment, but I will be co-oping for the first time starting in July. This is my second summer-term abroad; my first one was spent learning Mandarin in Kunming. I have also visited France, Scotland and Taiwan at different points in my life. I’m looking forward to learning more about Greece and jumping into a new reporting environment. Thanks for reading my stuff.

And here’s a classy mirror selfie for your troubles.