All Hail The Bawlah

Sometimes it is necessary to bawl out of control. In this instance we can observe one Brandon as he approaches his final form. He is The Bawlah.

A king, looking upon his domain.
A loyal subject, theorizing how the world works. All conclusions lead to praise of The Bawlah.
Bawlahs need some back-up sometimes. Ellie’s got it. She also can walk on walls.
David gathers onlookers to the majesty that is the Bawlah. Disciples to its greatness. Missionary to its cause.
Not everyone can appreciate The Bawlah. We call this type of creature A Hater. Pictured is a classic example.
The Bawlah sends his regards.

Inanimate but dramatic shots

I’ve been carrying around my camera a lot and believe it or not I used it a bit. A wise German once told me “Pictures of people are better.” Here is me not heeding his words.

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